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The Importance

A fan clutch is an important part of your cooling system. In addition, it controls the engine cooling fans and their operation of them. Also, they are thermostatic device, which means it is used based on temperature. They are usually mounted on a water pump or other type of pulley.

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Signs A Fan Clutch Is Going Bad

One of the first signs you will notice is overheating. If it is going bad, the fans in the engine will not turn on which will cause overheating. Another sign is loud cooling fans. If a fan clutch gets stuck, it may make the fans turn on at full speed, causing unusual noise. Another sign is your fuel efficiency will decrease as well as your acceleration. A broken fan clutch can cause unnecessary drag and load on an engine decreasing efficiency.

At the Fan Clutch Store, we carry kit masters and Borg Warner Thermal Systems, with those lines we service Horton, Kysor, BW, and BenDix  from complete remakes with a 2-year 200,000-mile warranty to kits to the individual orings and nuts. Also, we have the parts you need and want. We have extensive experience in all types of cooling systems and parts.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 1-888-897-6265 or use our contact form. Finally, feel free to watch some informative videos on rebuild kits below.

Fan Clutch Video Reason for Fan Clutch Failure

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