The Different Types Of Fan Clutches

Types of Fan Clutches

Fan clutches for trucks are an important part of a trucks cooling system. Also, its job is to make sure the engine stays as cool as that certain type of engine needs to be. In addition, SouthPointe Radiator carries major manufacturers of fan clutches and re-manufactured fan clutches like KYSOR and Horton to meet every truckers engine repair needs.

Horton Air and Spring engaged fan clutches can be re-manufactured and replaced for truck manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Cummins, International, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz.

There are three types of fan clutches

1. Thermal Fan Clutch –  Senses the temperature of the air behind the radiator to vary the fan speed and provides two speeds.

  • High Speed (engaged) – provides cooling to the max capacity.
  • Low Speed (disengaged) – Provides noise reduction and fuel monitoring.

2. Non-Thermal Fan Clutch – Using non-thermal clutches for your truck is a low-cost alternative.

  • The non-thermal fan clutches are always engaged and spin at about thirty to sixty percent water pump speed.
  • They cannot replace heavy duty clutches.

3. Electronic Fan Clutch – the electronic-viscous clutches engagement is controlled by the signal that tells the internal solenoid to open up. This will allow silicone drive fluid to go between the storage reservoir and the area that tells the clutch to engage. Also, the signal sent to engage the clutch could be sent by a variable.

  • Coolant temperature
  • Intake manifold temperature
  • Transmission oil temperature
  • A/C Pressure and Engine Oil Temp.

Often operators have to repair or replace parts on their rig, we carry other replacement and rebuild kits and other heavy duty truck parts and components to help your truck run efficiently.  That’s why the SouthPointe Radiator carries the full line of truck products. Including brands like Kitmaster for manufacturers like Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar. Finally, contact us for questions on replacing your fan clutch or other truck parts, our truck parts are made right here in the USA in Taylor Michigan, we can make any tube in-house.

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