Kysor Fan ClutchesThe Kysor fan clutch is available in a variety of models. The Kysor/Borg Warner fan clutch has been one of the industry’s best fan clutches on the market today. We offer a wide variety of fan clutches and bearing kits for you to repair your fan clutch with. In addition to bearing kits, we have front air rebuild kit, lining kit, a rear air rebuild kit, and a seal kit.

Kysor Cylinder and Front Seal Replacement Methods

Kysor fan clutches are a type of fan clutch that is commonly used in heavy-duty trucks and other large vehicles. Also, Kysor is a well-known brand in the automotive industry that produces high-quality fan clutches that are designed to provide efficient cooling for engines.

Below is a small guide on how to replace your cylinder and front seal in a Kysor fan clutch. If you have any questions about Borg Warner/Kysor fan clutches or repair kits contact us today or give us a call at 734.351.5365.

Step 1

Disconnect the air line from the fan clutch and remove the fan. Next, remove the fan clutch.

Step 2

Compress the clutch with two 4-inch bolts, then tighten the wing nuts until the clutch compresses.

Step 3

Remove the cylinder nut, tab washer, and cylinder. Next, remove the large O-ring and the dust seal.

Step 4 

Clean the groove where the O-ring and dust seal came from. Lubricate the O-ring and dust seal, do not stretch it.

Step 5 

Install the large O-ring in the piston groove, and add grease as well. Make sure to lubricate the small O-ring as well.

Step 6

Finally, place new tab washer in the cylinder. Install the nut and add torque to about 84 pounds per inch. Then remove the compressor bolts and then pressurize the clutch to 120 Psi.

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