Diesel Particulate Filters Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filters Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are devices used to remove soot and diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine truck. It is important to filter out the particulate because it is considered a carcinogen. which is known to cause lung cancer. The diesel exhaust is regulated and filters are used to help limit the amount that gets into the air.

Over time, your filter may become clogged and dirty from use. In addition, this can become costly to replace the filter, so we offer an alternative and that is cleaning the filter.

Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters

By cleaning the filter, you will save money. Our friends at Southpointe Radiator has a whole cleaning method that will have your filter looking like new again. Also, by choosing to clean the filter it will save you time and have your truck up and running in no time. Furthermore, their method is thorough and gives you better results than automated systems. When you bring your filter in it is tagged and also weighed.

Then the filters are baked in a brand new digitally controlled oven for 8 hours. After the oven, they are sent to a manual blast cabinet were flow tests are run. In addition, they are cleaned for maximum ash removal. Once the process is done, the filter is reweighed to see the amount of ash that is removed. Finally, the filter is buffed cleaned and the serial number is recorded.

Do not waste your time with automated systems that don’t do a great job. Bring your filter to the experts at Southpointe Radiator.  Call them today at 1-888-897-6265 or visit them at 30026 Beverly Rd., Romulus Michigan 48174!

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