Fan Clutch Location On a Kenworth Truck

Fan Clutch Location On a Kenworth Truck

The location of the fan clutch on a Kenworth truck can vary depending on the specific model and year of the truck. In most Kenworth trucks, the fan clutch is typically located on the front of the engine. Usually near the radiator and cooling system components. To access the fan clutch for inspection, maintenance, or replacement, you’ll generally need to open the hood of the truck and look for the fan assembly.

Guideline To Find Kenworth Fan Clutch

  • Open the hood of the truck and secure it in an upright position.
  • Stand in front of the engine and look at the area where the radiator is situated.
  • The fan clutch is typically attached to the front of the engine and is connected to the fan blades.
  • You should be able to see a large circular component. This is the fan clutch, usually with a belt running around it.
  • The fan clutch is designed to engage and disengage the fan to control cooling as needed. You may also find wires or hoses connected to it. This depends on the type of fan clutch used in your truck.

Please note that the exact location and design of the fan clutch can vary. Also, it depends on the specific Kenworth model and year, as well as any modifications or aftermarket components that may have been added to the truck. For precise information and guidance on locating and servicing the fan clutch on your specific Kenworth truck, it’s recommended to consult the truck’s manual or reach out to a Kenworth dealership or a qualified mechanic. Finally, contact Southpointe Radiator for any repair needs.

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