How Does a Fan Clutch Work?

Fan Clutch Work

No matter if you have a Kysor, Horton, or any brand fan clutch, it may come a time when you have to replace your fan clutch. Before you replace it, you may wonder how does a fan clutch work? A fan clutch is used as an integral part of your engine’s cooling system.  A fan clutches main job is to make sure air flows through your engine when the vehicle is stopped or moving at slower speeds. It is usually located near the water pump and is operated with belts and pulley’s connected to the crankshaft.

When the temperature of the engine becomes hotter than the clutch that is when it starts to help cool the engine. The fan clutch was created in the 1960’s for the purpose of saving power on the engine. The original fan that the fan clutch replaced was much noisier and consumed too much energy.

Fan Clutch Failure Symptoms

A sure sign the clutch is going bad is the engine is overheating when not moving. This means the fan is not circulating air in the engine causing the overheating. Another indicator is during the winter months and your heater is not blowing hot air more like luke warm air.  Luckily, replacing your part is not that hard. We have fan clutches for your semi or heavy duty truck. Also, we carry them for Kysor or Hortons and have hub bearing kits.

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